Is there a way to get out of a playing loop gracefully from the client?

I know that with trigger on next I can get out of a loop, but that is a timing question, because it happens instantly.

I tested that unchecking the loop box during playback does not affect the loop.
Is there a way to get out of the loop gracefully, so let the loop end and go to the next video?

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Sure, in AMCP if you do a:
You can disable the loop at any time so it will play to end and stop:

You should be able to create a custom command in the official CCG client that will send the LOOP 0 command.

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I am trying to find the ‘call’ in the custom command section, but I don’t think CALL is supported by the client.

Find custom command under Tools and when editing it in the right-side panel you’d add CALL 1-10 LOOP 0 under PLAY so that when you play the custom command (F2) it will send the call command.


Thank you. Based on your tips I could make it work with both behaviors. I’ve put the custom command within the group and added the command to the update function.
Ive kept the checkbox on next in the video following the loop and now I can gracefully let the loop play out on update or end it immediately with the next command. This works from the group itself.

If you use play you need to issue the command to the custom command itself, otherwise it goes out of the loop but to the first item in the group.

THIS should be added in the client and should be triggered when unchecking the “loop” in an element.

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