Is there a way to create self resizing title box in Adobe animate CC

Is it possible to make a dynamic lower thirds that can self resize itself according to the title length?

That sure is possible. You can create Flash or HTML templates for Caspar. In either case you can use scripting (ActionScript or JavaScript respectively) to scale an object or move a mask based on the size of the text.

How would the code look like?
Are there any sources i can look up on how to write a code like that?
Sorry for being a complete noob, I’m a real beginner at programming and have no prior knowledge of programming whats so ever…
Thanks for the help

An easy way could be creating a 9-slice scaled MovieClip and set up an OnEnterFrame function that sets the width and height of the MovieClip according to the TextField values.
You must decide how you want to do that and we could help you out with the code.

Thank you so much
Should I make the flash template now and pass the file onto this forum and see what we can do from there?

I think i will most likely have the mask change size according to the length of the title updated from CCG. The actual shape itself would stay full length across the composition.

At least thats what i originally plan on doing as i have done this in my after effects projects.
I’m not sure how to do the 9-slice scaling as mentioned but it seems interesting.

I’ll recommend you to use HTML for this as flash support is end now.

you can calculate width and height of text element with parent div in white loop if it is greater than parent div then decrease font size

I’ll post you sample code for this