Is there a Traffic Management solution for Caspar Client?

Hi to all, can anyone recommend an Open Source Traffic Management solution that works with CasparCG Client?

Please mention key functionalities of your requirement.

Hi kdprasad,
What I hope to solve with a Simple Traffic Management System solution are:
(1) The ability to provide a client with an intimidate email when their advertisement was aired. That email must include (a) the log code for the advertisement, (b) time of day the advertisement aired, © the aired duration and (d) an option to submit a total number of times the advertisement aired during a 24 hour period.
(2) Daily Programme Log must be tied and (a) updated automated when advertisements are aired, (b) when an advertisement or programme is added and aired that were not on the original Daily Programming log, © when the Studio was live.
(3) An email sent to the sales manager/representative at the end of each day of their client advertisement or sold studio time usage.
These are a few of the ideas I have at this time. Thank you in advance.

This is doable (and interesting), but not aware if someone already developed kind of tool or connected an existing tool to Casparcg.

Nebula ( can be configured this way, but uses it’s own client for scheduling and playback control.

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Hi Martastain,
Thank you for your recommendation of Nebula. I had a look at the "nebula-setup-master read me and it directs installers to use Please correct me if I am wrong, but is is a Linux written software? If so, my workstation is Windows platform, no clue of Linux.
Again, thank you for your input and suggestion.

To start with semi automation, you can tweak with asrunlog file of mydata folder, keeping playlist filenames accordingly and then further filter as per the need.
Nice information by @Martastain

Hi kdprasad,
I was unable to find an “asrunlog” only CasparCG Server. Can you tell me who I can access ite?
Thank you again in advance.


Hi kdprasad,
Thank you for your response, yes that information was shared with me by Vimlesh for his Caspar Media Player (CMP) a couple weeks ago. My question is related CasparCG Client and a Traffic Management System solution for that product.

Sorry, it is only a suggestion to workout on these files, I too new to this problem statement. Hope someone can help soon with a solution.

Hi kdprasad,
Not a problem, is your efforts are with counts. Thank again.