Is there a Player where I can play 2 different clips in 2 different plyaer on the same window


I have a machine setup with CASPER CG with DECKLINK DUO2 . I want to get 2 separate output from the same machine using a single application without opening another instance. Is it possible ?
Which means a single application can play multiple clips and give me output with 2 different output.

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Sure, you can add as many outputs as you want. I have a machine that plays 8 channels at the same time. The limit is the power of the system. At some point it will start to skip frames.

In CasparCG outputs are called Channels. Duo2 outputs without any change in Desktop video setup 2channels with key and till. If you separate the connectors in Desktop Video Setup you can use Duo2 as a 4-channel-card.
Them it is More thats on a client being able to assing thats a Clio playa at a specifik channel.
Normalt I use the SVT “standard” client, bit you could also use olzzons Clip tool ord Vimesh Simplex video playout, it just a question of preferenser.

br Markus

Dear Didikunz,

I am looking for a single window to control both playlist for channel 1 and channel 2. Is it possible in any client application ?

It depends a bit, what you want to do with these playlists / how you define the word playlist. Do you want to have a list of clips, that play one after the other? Or simply a list of, say lower thirds, that you trigger individually?

Maybe this could help you?

Ok. Yes . I would like to have 2 list of clips for 2 channels, and play manually . I don’t need graphics.


Just downloaded it. Looks very nice, but the “loop whole playlist” feature does not work reliably for me. Sometimes it reads wrong timing information’s and then does not go ahead, as it thinks the video is still playing.

Looks nice. I have downloaded it. Is there a way to save the config for 2nd channel ? also is it possible to get the preview window inside the application ?

Didn´t figured it out yet how to save a config for different channels. I tried contacting the developer over multiple ways, but didn´t get any response… As I also have a wish for the software:

No preview window in it. :-/