Is it possible to play a template that is not in the template folder

Hi there,

I built a playout client for CCG.

The users ask me if it would be possible to have a channel id on every video out. So I thought no problem and implemented a template to deliver a “Channel-Name” to the output. So far, so good.

What bothers me a bit is that this “ident template”, as i called it, has to be located between all the other “onair” templates in caspars template folder.

So I was wondering if there is a way to send one very small template directly from the client without having it saved in the template folder.

Has somebody any idea on this topic. There seem to be no command provided for that.


Do you have a web server running? You can load a template from an HTTP endpoint like so

Are you aware of the possibility to have folders inside the template folder? So put every template related to a program in a folder and create a folder for these internal templates.

Hi ouellettec,

thanks for your hint.
I am running Server 2.1.11 NRK.
I’m not getting it completely. What di you suggest exactly?


Hi Didi,

Thanks for your answer.
Yes I am aware of this. Might be the second best solution :blush:


You can start a stand allow web server for serving your HTML files for the NRK server ( They will be two separate things ). I wrote a guide on HTML template creation and one of the sections talks about the development setup. You can follow the Web Server section for setting up a basic HTTP server. Once you have it installed with NPM, you can ask it to serve any directory you want.

Thanks ouellettec.
That’s an interesting idea. I’ll have a closer look at your html guide.