IPMX "The Emerging AV over IP Open Standard for Pro AV"

Hi all,

Last week I was in ISE Barcelona, and apparently all the buzz this year was around IPMX, which has been in the works for a while but was just actually released, basically it has 2110 but without the need for PTP and support for HDCP and some features to make the network easier to manage (AMWA NMOS).

There are already products that support it form several vendors.

I’ve been told that the idea is that some products that already support 2110 will be updated to IPMX, but I don’t know how feasible it is for all of them.

Their pitch is that it is non-profit and open source so it will prevail in the format wars against NDI or DanteAV because of that.

I just want to hear what you all think.

Do you currently use Video Over IP on your control room or other setups?

Any thoughts about this new “SMPTE” standard?

Do you see this as something that would be needed in CasparCG in the near future?