Interacting with a web site on CasparCG

I found this very useful command to load a web page in CasparCG, such as

PLAY 1-10 [HTML]

My question now is: Is it also possible to “click” on such a loaded web page, so we can interact with it?

Thinking on something that would look like CG 1-10 INVOKE onClick(xPos,yPos)
Preferably without the need to add functions to the web page itself, which we usually can’t.

In the (discontinued) Caspar Version 2.1 you could run it on a screen consumer (in paralell to the SDI) and it recognizes mouse clicks.

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As I’m still stuck using 2.1.0 “next” (too many breaking changes in 2.2.0 for me) I tried it, and it works well, although rather slow.

Thanks for the tip.