Installation Guide of CasparCG Server in Ubuntu 18.04

Hi, I am trying to install CasparCG server on the Ubuntu 18.04 OS along with Blackmagic Decklink QUAD card to play out streams.

Please kindly help to share the detailed installation guide of server on the Ubuntu PC as I am beginner of the server installation.

Thanks in advance for the support.

hey @kailashgkg,

I am also attempting the same install. I have searched pretty high and low for a detailed install guide for Ubuntu server. I’ve found that a few places have stated various different versions are supported and that the “downloads” page has the latest release… 2017? This all seemed odd to me considering the github has been updated recently.

I am now starting here:

It looks like there is a package available for Ubuntu 20.04. I had previously installed 18.04 as the readme on github stated this was the latest supported version of Ubuntu. I’ll bookmark this thread and update with my progress. By the end - perhaps we have what we are both looking for!



I would not recommend the version in the ubuntu/debian repository.
They have a very old beta version, without html support. And they are lacking a maintainer, so dont expect it to receive any updates.

You will need to compile it for linux yourself, but you should look at github for downloads rather than the website which has been pretty much abandoned by now

Awesome! Thank you @Julusian.

I shall start my journey with this in the near future. After some additional reading this seems like it may be the best way forward for me.

I’ll take back my “promise” to update this thread as I move forward. I was able to install from repo but given that it’s not being maintained and is missing some latest-greatest features… Makes sense to compile on my own. My only fear is dependencies but should be able to figure that out.