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I am currently studying audiovisual engineering in France and I plan to use Caspar CG as a live and media player mixer with automation. I explored the client’s custom commands a little but I would like to know if it was possible to create a TSOIP source from an SRT stream encoded via another machine (OBS). The output url would be for example srt://ipadress:port?listener&condition1&condition2.

I know that CasparCG uses FFMPEG as a base but I can’t figure out if the client can create this kind of entry or if it has to be hard defined in the configuration file.

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Couasnon Corentin

I barely understood, so I’m not by far the best here to help you.

Not sure if you meant custom commands in general or the “Custom Command” entry in the client, because it looks like what you need.

As a side note, if you are studying automation and haven’t done yet, take a look at “Sofie TV Automation” it may be interesting for you.

In the custom command, add this to the PLAY field:

PLAY 1-10 “srt://[CASPAR_IP]:port?mode=listener&transtype=live&latency=100”

You may also add something to the STOP command, like:


In OBS, the output should be almost the same line, except you change the mode:


That said, you should know that the ffplay instance that plays it in CasparCG will add a second of buffering. For low latency video across the network, you actually have NDI available.
After you install the NDI OBS plugin, you enable NDI output in OBS from the tools menu and in CasparCG you instead add this command:


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