INFO Commands AMCP Protocol

Hi all,

I’m using the latest builds and I’m trying to retrieve Decklink/Consumers information from the server, but most of the INFO don’t seem to work or return useful information. What I’m trying to find is a similar list of channels and consumers as the one shown in the Diag window.

On server 2.0.7 it seems to work as described on the wiki.

In many cases it seems that it doesn’t understand the second word: “INFO”, “INFO SERVER” and “INFO SYSTEM” all return “INFO OK” and the same information in displayed (“1 1080i50 playing…”).

“INFO 1” tells me the the framerate and volumes of the channel but not the decklinks or other consumers active on the channel.

Before opening an issue on Github I wanted to ask. Has this been deprecated or have the commands changed for this newer versions?


Some of those INFO commands got removed in 2.2
A couple made it back in 2.3/2.4

And INFO 1 is lacking details about consumers, and some producers. It should be there, but noone has fixed/reimplemented it

The Changelog shows AMCP support for most INFO commands was dropped in version 2.2 in favour of reports in the OSC data stream. One advantge is that OSC streams the info, avoiding the need to poll the server.

From investigations I made a couple of years ago I think handling the OSC was slightly clunky because little or no information was inserted about idle channels. The data for the active channels and layers is quite detailed, but the details in some elements, such as audio volume, are formatted differently in server V2.1 and server V2.2 and later.

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