Info command not working in Server 2.2

I downloaded the latest CasparCG Server 2.2 Beta 9 (exe dated 21-09-2018)

It is not giving any of the info commands like, info config, info paths, info system etc.

Am I missing something?

Run scanner.exe

Still same result. Info commands not working…

Info system
#200 INFO OK

No Data following.

Same result for all info commands

I do have the same problems using casparcg-connection library on CCG2.2beta7
INFO does not return any data.
If works fine on CCG2.1NRK-RC2
How are you accessing the CCG server?

Submitted this issue on CCG server Github:

INFO with arguments (e.g. INFO 1 10) is not longer available in v.2.2

INFO - remains the same
INFO 1 - new structure similar to osc
INFO 1-10 - new structure similar to osc
INFO SYSTEM,PATHS,ETC - no longer exists

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I alreday said this in GitHub and in probably also in Slack: This will stop me from ever using the 2.2 in production. I have never understand why this needed to get killed. Does not make sense to me. Why kill functionality that works and that a lot of client development is based on?



The Info command is becoming a issue :wink:

What i always understanded is that 2.2 is stripped down version
To find a way to make the codebase more efficient better readable and more future proof.

All this with the goal to re-add old and off coarse new features easier and better in the future.

With stripping you will lose stuff. but this does not mean that it will not be re added in the future.

But i must say the INFO command is very fundamental for quite some clients including the official

The complete return information/status system in Caspar is still a weakpoint in my opinion.
or the bit outdated INFO command or the very LOUD osc protocol :wink:

Big question is off-coarse should the community put resources / effort
in re-implementing a shakey backwards compatibility system or inventing a new better way ??

maybe using the version number 2.2 is a bit misleading shouldn’t it be 3.0 ?

My opinion on this: Keep it as backward compatible as possible. Invent a better way, but keep them side by side for multiple versions, to give client developers time to implement the new way in their clients, and keep customers to be able to use older client software with new server versions.

Microsoft Windows works a lot this way. They invented 64 bit, without got rid of the possibility of running 32 bit software. They also did that while going from 16 bit to 32 and from Win32 api to .NET etc.

So to move the INFO out of the core into Scanner.exe is ok. But that should be transparent, the command itself should stay the same. What we do now is taking two steps at once: Taking it out of the core AND changing it. That is bad.

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I agree with your point in doing 2 steps at once

I don’t understand. You seem to imply that INFO COMMAND works with Scanner.exe.

In my case, I think INFO command does not work even with Scanner.exe.

Or is there any other method to access the data.

Simply how do I access the data which I used to get using INFO SYSTEM, INFO PATHS, INFO CONFIG etc. To develop a client, you need to get the mediapath information. Isn’t it?

To solve the problem I´ve made this one: (work in progress)

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Rekease of State-scanner with prebuild exe for Windows