Image Scroller problem


I installed a new CasparCG server(v. 2.3xx) to try to take advantage of some NDI features. My previous server is Version 2.0.7.

Before, I when I need to make a horizontal text crawler, I just make a file that has 1080pixels height and variable width(larger than 1920pix) and just select it through the image scroller object of the CasparCG client.

Now, with server V2.3, I’m having problems with the image scroller. Instead of it scrolling from right to left, it just appears “squeezed” horizontally and not scrolling.

Please do help me.

Thanks and best regards.

This does not work in the main CasparCG branch. Use the NRK branch for this.

Does NRK Branch support new NDI feature ?

I don’t know, but you can easy try. It is possible to run multiple different versions of CasparCG on the same machine side by side (not at the same time).

Thanks, I will try this :slight_smile:

Thanks will test it tomorrow