IBC 2023 - Meetup!

Is anybody interested in meeting up at IBC, as we did in the last few years?

EBU’s Open source meetup seems a thing of the past, so we would need to do our own. Maybe we could use Adobe’s meeting room, Victoria said something last year, but as long as I don’t know if a few guys show up, I will not ask her.


I will be at IBC

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I will only be there on Monday 18 sept. But that is a short day, they close then at 16.00pm.

I will be at IBC also
On 15 or 16 th sep

Ten of us from SuperFly.tv are going to IBC this year, but we’ve decided against organizing a meetup ourselves. Hopefully someone else will take over!

…working on it…

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A quick status update: I got in touch with Victoria Nece of Adobe. We can use one of Adobe’s meeting rooms somewhere upstairs. I asked for Saturday 16:30 (4:30 PM). The room is available, but somebody of Adobe must be there the whole time and Victoria has something that overlaps. She is investigating her schedules to find a solution for us, but maybe we need to move the meetup to Sunday. So, anybody interested to join, don’t fill up your schedules too much, so that we could meetup at Saturday or Sunday. I will come back with more informations asap.

By the way: we are all invited to join Adobe’s Video Community Mixer event later on Saturday. Please register there if you are interested. The location seems to be very cool and can easy be reached using the new subway line.

Three of us from maistidigital.com are at IBC from 16th to 18th

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The IBC CasparCG meetup will be on Sunday September 17 at 13:00 (1PM) at a Adobe conference roo in the 5th floor of the Elicium at RAI. That is the building above Hall 13 (Sony). We will find a way to guide you, if you are showing up until 12:55. Somebody will stand in front of the elevator with a CasparCG logo. Anybody who wants to show, what he or she is doing with CasparCG, what products she or he has developed around it, is welcome to have a little presentation (5 to 10 minutes). Bring your laptop, there will be a projector (I guess with a HDMI cable), so that you can show stuff on screen.

On Saturday evening we would like to go to have dinner together, as we always did. Feel free to join. Meeting point is the information desk at the entry C (Halls 10, 11 and 12) at 17:30 (5:30PM), because we will not get a table in a restaurant. when we meet at the show closing time.

If anything is unclear give me a shout via WhatsApp, SMS or telephone at +41 79 321 78 42.


Thanks Didi for organizing.
I’m visiting with two colleagues and we haven’t finished planning our appointments yet.
If I have time, I will join you and look forward to meeting some of you.


I would like it very much, if you could make it. :smile:

My schedule is set and i will attend :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s room D502!

I couldn’t attend IBC this year, maybe the next one!

Any highlights of the meeting that you would like to share?

Some of us have shown, what they do with Caspar and we had a chat about how the future of Caspar could be. But this is an ongoing discussion and no decisions have been made.

Jonas pointed out, that SVT is not doing anything for Caspar any more and that his company Superfly has overtaken most of the work on the Caspar core. He is actively looking for someone, to fund the development in the future, so that not only the fixes needed for the next project could be made, but more basic work or rework could be done.

And we ate some chocolate and enjoyed the view from RAI’s topmost floor at one of Adobe’s conference rooms (Thanks again Victoria).

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