IBC 2018 Meetup


Everyone coming to IBC this year should come to the EBU booth for the Open Source Meetup. The CasparCG folks usually go out for dinner together afterwards. So be sure to join us at Saturday 16:00 booth 10F20.


although i planned to be there i am afraid i can not.
an important job on schedule for saturday and yes it’s with casparcg. :wink:

i wish everyone a good meeting and a nice dinner !!


I will be sharing our experiences in the form of a lightning talk "Microsoft Excel driven graphics workflows for CasparCG live productions"

Looking forward to meet you all there.


I look very much forward to see this, as I am currently developing a Excel VSTO plugin with the same purpose.


VSTO plugin is excactly what we have done and have been using well over a year now in all of our productions.
Including game graphics for Uefa Nations League and Kontinental Hockey League.
Lots of other sports, studio and entertainment productions have been done with that plugin as well.


Great, looking forward guys!