I need a recommendation to buy a video card

Hello people, I need you to recommend me an external board to use with notebook and allows to work with CasparCG to broadcast live video with graphics.

I have a Blackmagic Studio 4K but it is internal and I need one that does the same but external for notebook.

Many Thanks!

Pablo from Argentina

If you have Thunderbolt 3 on your Laptop you can use the Ultrastudio HD Mini.
I´m using it by myself for Key/Fill.

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I do not have thunderbolt, I have usb 3.1, will it work the same?
With less bitrated videos, or not?
That does not have HDMI input, does it?

Thanks for your response!

Blackmagic’s whole ultrastudio range https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/ultrastudio would be suitable if you had thunderbolt.

The only usb3 device I am aware of that could work with caspar is the Intensity shuttle https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/intensity/techspecs/W-INT-02, but it is much more limited in functionality and I know there have been compatibility problems with some machines.

usb is less suitable for the task of realtime video than thunderbolt, so it will be a lot less common to find especially on such specialist equipment.

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There was a time a model Ultrastudio Xpress USB I think

Any other board instead Blackmagic?

You can use some Bluefish 444 cards. They are very good, but more expensive.

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They have an external models for notebooks?

Blackmagic suports tells me that I can use the Intensity Shuttle, Is that correct?

That can be used, but has only a single HDMI output, so no separate fill & key.

Which is the cheapest decklink card that support fill and key outputs?

For a notebook I would recommend a Mini PCI-E to PCI-E riser card and use any desktop card that you may need to use. Just keep an eye on the performance of the riser card.

Now, probably your notebook sports only a single Mini PCI-E slot that might be already populated by a Wi-Fi card. And that means to have an Ethernet cable if internet is required, or use an USB Wi-Fi dongle.

And slowly you’ll be creating a Frankenstein of a computer, capable of doing what you want, but much less portable in the long run.

I use a HP Z-Book G3 Laptop with Thunderbolt3 Port and a Blackmagic Ultrastudio HD Mini, This gives you SIngle Channel Fill and Key. No extra power needed for the Ultrastudio HD Mini, power comes from the thunderbolt3 port. Its Plug and Play.

WIth the Z-Book I also use a AKITIO Thunderbolt PCIE BOX In there i have a Decklink Duo2. Works smooth with 2x Fill and Key with Caspar.

If you own already a good Apple Macbook, install Bootcamp, put windows on it. We run a system with a older Macbook with thunderbolt2 and a Sonnet PCIE Thunderbolt2 Chassis, also with an older Decklink Extreme.
SIngle channel FIll and Key with Caspar.

I have a PC Notebook, I don´t have Thunderbolt conection.