I have 1 file that permit other files to LoadBG with auto flag on

When using LoadBg I have one file that permits LoadBG with autostart for other files using the AUTO flag, when this file is loaded in the foreground.

Using CCG 4.nrk RC2
Does anyone know about this issue, or a clue where to look?
It´s a .mov file, but I haven´t found out why this single file does it.
When calling the LoadBG the logs are identical:

This one works:

Received message from REQ atb2nbs LOADBG 1-10 "PLAYOUT/LOOP/2017_BADMIN_LOOP_VINKEL" MIX 6 AUTO\r\n
[2018-10-01 20:35:06.624] [1044] [info]    ffmpeg[2017_badmin_loop_vinkel.mp4|1920x1080p25.00|0/386] [video-decoder] H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10
[2018-10-01 20:35:06.627] [1044] [info]    ffmpeg[2017_badmin_loop_vinkel.mp4|1920x1080p25.00|0/386] [audio-decoder] AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)
[2018-10-01 20:35:06.631] [1044] [info]    transition[empty=>ffmpeg[2017_badmin_loop_vinkel.mp4|1920x1080p25.00|0/386]] Initialized
[2018-10-01 20:35:06.631] [8356] [info]    Sent message to atb2nbs 202 LOADBG OK\r\n

This one doesn’t´t work: (the file that gives the problem is loaded in foreground)

Received message from REQ 6u1ryam LOADBG 1-10 "PLAYOUT/LOOP/2017_BADMIN_LOOP_VINKEL" MIX 6 AUTO\r\n
[2018-10-01 20:40:24.714] [1044] [info]    ffmpeg[2017_badmin_loop_vinkel.mp4|1920x1080p25.00|0/386] [video-decoder] H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10
[2018-10-01 20:40:24.717] [1044] [info]    ffmpeg[2017_badmin_loop_vinkel.mp4|1920x1080p25.00|0/386] [audio-decoder] AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)
[2018-10-01 20:40:24.720] [1044] [info]    transition[empty=>ffmpeg[2017_badmin_loop_vinkel.mp4|1920x1080p25.00|0/386]] Initialized
[2018-10-01 20:40:24.720] [2604] [info]    Sent message to 6u1ryam 202 LOADBG OK\r\n

Could it be that this specific file has an audio track? I recall we found some issue with audio and loadbg auto. (CasparCG thinks there is one frame left of only audio but because there is no video it never plays that last frame, which causes the file to get stuck)

I digged I little more into it, and found another file that had the same problem, and that one is without audio, so I don´t think it´s audio related.
I don´t get any errors in the log file, are there any other ways to debug besides building a develop machine?