Html5 Lowerthirds for German Public Broadcaster

Hallo zusammen,
ich bin auf der suche nach einem Dienstleister, der für eine öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalt einige Bauchbinden als html5 Templates umsetzen kann. Idealerweise aus dem deutschsprachigem Raum, um die Kommunikation zu erleichtern.
Die Bauchbinden müssen eine exakte Umsetzung der bereits bestehenden After-Effects Bauchbinden sein.
Die Länge der Flächen wird durch den Inhalt der Textfelder bestimmt. Sind Textfelder nicht ausgefüllt sollen bestimmte Flächen nicht angezeigt werden. Ich habe mal Beispiele angehängt um die Komplexität der Elemente zu zeigen. Wir benötigen die zwei Bauchbindentypen so schnell wie möglich und zahlen natürlich für die Entwicklung. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bei Interesse gerne melden, ich Connecte euch dann mit den entsprechenden Grafikern des Senders.

Hello everybody,
I am looking for a developer who can build some lower thirds as html5 templates for a german public broadcaster. Ideally from the German-speaking countries to facilitate communication.
The lower thirds have to be an exact copie of the already existing after effects lower thirds.
The length of the areas is determined by the content of the text fields. If text fields are not filled in, certain areas should not be displayed. I attached examples to show the complexity of the elements.
We need the two different lower thirds as soon as possible. Of course we will pay you for the development :slight_smile:

If you are interested, please contact me, I will connect you with the corresponding graphic designers of the public broadcaster


it’s not really a good idea, to post not in the English language. I try to discourage the Spanish speakers from doing that and so we German speakers should not do that either, wenn Du weisst, was ich meine :wink:

i know what you mean and i edited the first post

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You might want to add how many versions there are (individual templates) and the expected timeframe for when it should be delivered (e.g. 2 days, 3 weeks etc).

To help Yle has some html-templates that are simular
they can be found here (webticker is priotary)

br markus
PS direkt=live, namn=name, hoger=right, vanster=left


I have been doing broadcast graphics design and implementation for the past 20 years using several graphics systems (Vizrt, Orad, CasparCG, Adobe, HTML…), so I am quite familiar with the idea of “exact” design implementation…

Let me know if you still need assistance in the project.

Vielen Dank,

Tuomo Kulomaa

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As a learning experience with caspar I made you an example of the first template.
It’s a fully functional template although there are missing some things to dot the i’s.

Should you have a real interest, i am happy to help.

You can email me at or message me here.


Is it possible do like WION TV Templates.

I need like this.

Hey, I sent you a private message. Thanks.

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