HTML Templates : HTTP Usefull or not when on local?

Hey all.
a little question that comes to me when I’m on production and I never took time to test/evaluate it.

When playing HTML files (with JS for CasparCG interaction), you can simply put your HTML file in your PLAY command and it works fine. (On windows, / need to be doubled but that’s the only thing to know).

Is is better regarding performances (or anything else) to have an HTTP server locally instead ? I mean to put my HTML files in a wamp or NodeJS for exemple so that on casparcg I would call :
Instead of

Thanks for your help

I believe the only reason to use HTTP is down to preference.

Which I do depends on the graphics package in use for a production. Local html files is easier for simpler packages, but if the templates are more complex I will often use http as that makes a lot easier to use a wider node ecosystem (eg webpack) and not have to worry about deployment differences between dev and production), or if the templates need to connect back to a service for direct control (websockets) then over http makes that easier too

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Thanks for your answer

There is a difference regarding CORS as I have explained here: HTML files: getting around CORS (cross-origin). The gist is that you can’t do AJAX calls from a page that is loaded via the file:// protocol.