Html template

Where do I get a html template for html producer?

Well, there are a few options.
You can either build one from scratch using html and javascript. You can do so, as you would do with a “normal” website but you have to integrate a few functions to let caspar control the template. Unfortunatley the HTML-Producer Wiki-site on github is still missing, however someone did a blogpost about that with the most relevant infos.

The other way is to use a WYSIWYG-editor for building templates, as many of us are not web designers. Many people use Adobe Edge Animate, even tough its no longer developed. There is a libary (e2c) to integrate it with casparCG. You can find some info on that here on the forum: WYSIWYG software to create HTML Templates


Good point
if i can find some time
i make a simple but functional
html template for on the wiki to get people going


See this wiki page:


Thank you all for your answers. Are there special requirements for a template’s layout so that it displays correctly on TV screen?

Bear in mind that if you are specifying absolute pixel positioning of your HTML elements, your template will only work at one particular screen size. Of course, this may not be a problem for you.

The alternative is to use proportions of the screen size in your CSS (5vw, 5vh, etc). If you’re using Javascript to position elements dynamically there is a little more work to determine the viewport height and width. I use both of these techniques in my templates, which you’re welcome to a copy of - see .

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