HTML template won't update every time

Here’s the situation:

  1. Load up an HTML template with CG 1-2 ADD 1 "TEMPLATE" 1 "{\"lyrics\":\"text\"}"
  2. Update said template with new data: CG 1-2 UPDATE 1 "{\"lyrics\":\"new_text\"}"
  3. Data should be updated on the page via document.getElementById('id').innerHTML = data

Issues begin:
Command returns 202 CG OK but on air graphics do not change.
Sending subsequent CG UPDATE commands will update the data just fine.

Debugging I have done thus far:
Inspecting the template with a remote console shows data has indeed changed on the HTML page.
HTML also spits out console output to caspar log indicating it has received the correct data.

Any idea what could be happening?

Change in the config file enable-gpu to false. I don’t now the reason why but at least it worked for me.


This seems to have fixed it. When did this start happening? I hadn’t noticed it so far.
Are you monitoring with the screen, a decklink, ndi?

I saw this began in december, when I got an upgrade to Windows 11 it where a total disaster.

Decklink and Screen consumer don’t work. I haven’t tested NDI.

For me it took like 10-20 minutes in to the broadcast until the problem started. When I was back home I couldn’t get the same error I had this issue some weeks. But after like 20 minutes simulation of a broadcast I managed to reproduce the error.

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