HTML Template Web Fonts

I have a few client designed web pages to desplay.
how ever they reference some google fronts.
CasparCG does not seam to pull the fronts down and subs some
local fronts.

as there a way to allow CasparCG to access the web fonts or do i need to find a way to pull them in local.

It’s safest to have them locally - this will make it easy to get them:

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This does not seam to work for me. i thought they were google fonts.
they are not.
why is it not safe to let the html producer out of its sand box?
a web browser can pull the fonts?
i do need to find a way to get this to work.
do you have any other thoughts.
i do really appreciate the help!.

By safest to have them locally I mean:

  • a guarantee that they will always work, with or without internet connectivity
  • that the templates will show correctly without latency (like if there is a delay in retrieving the fonts)
  • the template will not show default fonts before switching to webfonts
  • the fonts won’t will be removed without notice

The HTML producer is basically run with most (if not all) sandboxes disabled.

What version of CCG are you using? I’m guessing if the webfonts don’t display they aren’t available in a format usable in 2.0.7. If they aren’t working in 2.1/2.2 you need to provide more information.

i am using 2.0.7

any chrome web browser on my network can get to the page.and display all the fonts.

i will try 2.1 and see what happens.

so i tried it in 2.1
and i tried a few different pages
so i just loaded this page in an html producer and there are a few thing missing.
but the font looks good.

2.0.7 and some 2.1 builds are using an ancient version of chrome from 2014, so you will struggle to make templates run the same as desktop chrome.

i was doing some reading on the Wiki and came to the same conclusion.
(on a side note my computer kept trying to auto correct conclusion to concussion. may be true too)