HTML template resolution vs Screen Consumer resolution


I have problem setting up a HTML-template with the same width and height as the screen consumers resolution.
The HTML-template isnt perfect matching to the screens resolution, even though they have the same size.
I have tried it with PAL. Normally it is 720x576 (width and height of HTML-template) but according to CasparCG Wiki Page “Server Config” it is 1024x576.
So i want to know how to set up screen consumers resolution to 720x576?

Is there an alternative way to set up a HTML-template for PAL, without using responsive positioning and sizing of elements?

Thanks for helping me!


The missmatch between PAL beeing 720x576 and HTML or Flash templates beeing 1024x576 is because PAL has been analog and the moment they invented SDI (CCIR 601) they wanted to have the same data rate für NTSC and PAL. That lead to PAL becoming 720x576. While in 4:3 days it would have been 768x576. As the templates are usually best built with square pixel resolutions you get 1024x576 for 16:9.

The screen consumer has no way to scale it’s window to a fixed resolution, the display scales the content to fit. There are a few modes, that you can set in the config, on how to do that scaling. When you want to output the Screen consumer to a HDMI display out, you need to be able to set the screen (VGA) resolution to the exact size you need (AFAIK there are no VGA cards that support 720x576) and use the border less and full screen settings.

The better way is to buy a cheap Decklink card and use that instead of the screen consumer. That is also better performance-wise.

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Thanks for your reply! It is now a more clear to me :slight_smile: