Html tempate problem

Hello to everyone.
i am trying to make my first attempts with casparcg and html templates.

i have created an html template with loopic, but when i try to test it i get the following message.

“If you see this buttons in CasparCG’s output, you are using an old version of CasparCG.
Please update your CasparCG to the latest version.”
“play” “play from start” “stop”.

i would really need some help.

First thing to do is see if you got the latest and greatest version :wink:
A problem is that it is not so clear where to find it.

if you go to
and click on “executables” (NOT DOWNLOADS) you get a page with the latestbuilds.
and then goto
/builds/CasparCG Server/master for the latest build
/builds/CasparCG Server/2.3.x-lts for the LTS release.

and try again.
I bet you are on 2.0.7 which is on the download page.

Don’t forget to start the mediascanner too since that’s required on 2.1+ version


Maurice thanks for the help!!!

hello again.
i am trying to put a logo in a dynamic field on my template but i can not see it on the playout.


in the first image you see what i have in my output.

Hello there,

first, try re-formatting the string as this example “C:/CasparCG231/template/AF2015/Logos/Med/KOC.png” and then see if it works. I can’t load the first picture you posted so I don’t know what’s on your output.


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