HTML Page Renderer Sandbox


I have a problem with the client and can’t find any solution.
I use Server 2.0.8

When I add a HTML page i get the error log.

Has anyone a suggestion for the problem?


I have just tested this with server version 2.0.7 stable. The web page is loaded and visible, but I also get the mentioned error log output. My log looks like this:

[2019-02-18 06:35:45.283] [8240]  [info]    Received message from Console: PLAY 1-10 [HTML] "" CUT 1 Linear RIGHT\r\n
[2019-02-18 06:35:45.305] [7520]  [info]    html[] Initialized.
#202 PLAY OK
[2019-02-18 06:35:45.311] [7520]  [info]    transition[empty=>html[]] Initialized.
[2019-02-18 06:35:45.319] [7520]  [debug]   Executed command: PlayCommand
[2019-02-18 06:35:45.344] [9844]  [info]    transition[empty=>html[]] End Of File.
[2019-02-18 06:35:45.351] [9844]  [info]    transition[empty=>html[]] Uninitialized.
[0218/] Running without renderer sandbox
[0218/] Error fetching PAC URL from DHCP: 2

In your log as well as in mine I can see that the server actually sends a message to client saying 202 PLAY OK. I don’t think that error message has anything to do with why you don’t see the web page loaded. Can you try this command PLAY 1-10 [HTML] "" CUT 1 Linear RIGHT to see if it is a client-server issue.

By the way your logs says you are using 2.0.7 as well.

These have always been around, you can safely ignore them.