HTML output on CasparCG Server Ubuntu 20.04

Query… After a bunch of mucking around I think I was able to get CasparCG to work on Ubuntu 20.04. I can play out images to my Decklink card just fine and they show up with fill and key. Huzzah!

Problem I seem to be having is when I try and load an HTML Page via the client. If I put in a URL like it just errors out. Says ‘Playback Failed’ and tells me to enable debug logging, which I thought I had already done in my config file.

Anyone run in to this before? Am I missing a required dependency? I’m not suuuuper Linux fluent so any assistance would be amazing!

Well it would help to see the actual command. I’m guessing you are doing something like PLAY 1-10 when it should be PLAY 1-10 [html]

I believe the HTML command is sent via the client when using the ‘HTML Page’ object. I’ll see if I can pull the log file next time I’m there and validate, but that same command works just fine on my Windows server via the same client.

Hi, did you compile CasparCG with CEF support? (If you are using version from apt repositories, there is no CEF) Does it play “offline” templates, or is it giving the same error. Yesterday I tested playing a url in Ubuntu 18.04 and Windows 10, and the behavior was the same ([html] is required on both).