HTML Consumer problem with rendering

I have a bit of problem with caspar CG 2.31 when I play my template textboxes are not always updated on Screen consumer and decklink output. When I open Chrome remote debug and I inspect the fields I have right text in the textboxes. If I then change the background on one of the textbox in inspect mode the text are shown in all textboxes, it’s feels that it not render correctly.
When I have enabled-GPU in the config file this appears more frequently.

I got this error code when I start Caspar, when I clear the GPU_Cache folder I don’t get this but after a restart it’s there again.

[0x00006a78] [error]    0# 0x00007FF6545FAA46 in casparcg
 1# 0x00007FF654608BA0 in casparcg
 2# raise in ucrtbase
 3# abort in ucrtbase
 4# 0x00007FF654608D1E in casparcg
 5# terminate in ucrtbase
 6# is_exception_typeof in VCRUNTIME140
 7# is_exception_typeof in VCRUNTIME140
 8# _CxxFrameHandler3 in VCRUNTIME140
 9# _chkstk in ntdll
10# RtlRaiseException in ntdll
11# RtlRaiseException in ntdll
12# RaiseException in KERNELBASE
13# CxxThrowException in VCRUNTIME140
14# 0x00007FF65466547F in casparcg

This I always got on my computers

[0315/] Lost UI shared context.

Any idea’s how to solve it, it’s a new behavior…