How to Stream UDP Or RTMP with CasparCG

just want to use CasparCG to stream UDP - can anyone please tell me the exact procedure from scratch?

many thanks!

Have you searched this forum?
Usually these kinds of requests does not get the traction you are expecting. It is also impossible to know how much help you need. Do you have a computer with some operating system running? Do you have a caspar server installed? What happens when you try to add a stream?

With that said:

See links:
UDP Streaming on CasparCG 2.3.0 server - General - CasparCG Community Forum (

UDP stream - seems to stream but no image? - General - CasparCG Community Forum (

Try some things and come back with a more specific question.

my question is quite simple I guess, I just need to stream UDP using CasparCG - I didn’t find the command neither I find any option for stream my playlist to UDP, any help will be much appreciated.

Dear @Mairaj, being offended is no solution. This forum is run by enthusiast, how give their time an knowledge for free. CasparCG is not a paid enterprise and we are not a paid support team. So you need to adjust your attitude towards people here in the forum.

@ZimeX has given you two links for further reading and that is the minimal we can expect of you, that you read these topics and try out, what is said there. There is a search function in the forum, where you could look up topics on your own. None of us gives you a pane ready recepe for your problem, instead you can expect, that we point you in the direction, were you find what you are looking for. That is exactly what @ZimeX did.

I am not offended, I already looked on the mentioned links, didn’t find any help, I just need to know the initiate point that how can I stream a playlist to UDP, if I have to run any command in terminal then please do let me know please. Peace, and many thanks!

You will probably have to send an AMCP command to the server. Are you using the caspar client? How is your server setup looking?

There are some good topics on this out there:
AMCP Commands Review - CasparCG HTML Template Guide (

AMCP Protocol · CasparCG/help Wiki · GitHub

Thanks for the reply - my setup is like server / client, on same machine, machine is core i7 with 16gigs RAM - Windows 10 64bit, I am creating a playlist on client and want it to stream over UDP after that will grab that UDP with FFMPEG and convert it to SRT (ffmpeg part is completed I am stuck on playout part only)

many thanks!

Seems simple enough that starting a stream with a relevant AMCP command would do. Have you tried this? Any of the links I sent would probably be a good place to start if you are unsure what command is required.

You also could use NDI to send the Caspar output to FFMPEG (or VLC) and pick up that to be converted to SRT. As NDI does not use much compression that could look better in the end.

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yeah sure, will give it a try. Right now doing some coding on FFMPEG (encoding end) to get stable interlace out.

Yes, will definitely give it a try.

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