How to stream through Casparcg for UDP and RTMP?

Hi Team,

Please use the above link for the reference. I am unable to publish the UDP/RTMP output through caspercg application. Frames are getting struck plz check the video once.

ADD 1 STREAM rtmp:// -codec:v libx264 -filter:v format=yuv420p,scale=960:540 -level:v 3.0 -profile:v main -preset:medium -maxrate:v 800k -b:v 800k -bufsize:v 800k -x264opts:v keyint=60 -codec:a aac -ar:a 48k -b:a 88k -strict -2 -f flv

I am using the above config for the output. Please suggest me how to get a smooth output through caspercg application. Please anyone suggest me the suitable config.

There are a few things not good with this post:

  • Put a, potentially harmful, link, so that no one knows where it goes (I changed it, but it does not look much better now).
  • Please use the </> button to format commands (this is a command, not a config). I also changed this.
  • Expecting us to be responsible to solve your problems. We are a community and no one is paid to support somebody. So a little more humility would be nice.
  • not sharing any valuable information about your configuration, the hardware specs of your PC, the kind of output (Decklink etc.) that you want to use etc.

Hi didikunz,

Thanks for replying,

Actually, If I use the above config in the command then video is getting struck, is there any command to get the smooth streaming for UDP or rtmp I mean config?

As I mentioned, without knowing much more about your hardware etc. we will not be able to help you.