How to set name of NDI output

It is possible to set name of NDI output? We are running multiple CasparCG servers on single machine and it seems that NDI output name is only incremented, so it is not possible to destinguish which signal comes from each server.

I don’t think it is possible with the consumer in its current form, it looks like the airsend/ivga code needs replacing with true ndi to be able to do this

Yeah, I went through the code and seems airsend handles this counter internally… thanks for confirmation…

Now this is possible with latest server 2.3 with following command.

     add 1 ndi name ch1
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Hi, It is possible to use the NDI HX codec instead of the normal to gain bandwidth?

IIRC NDI|HX is sold and licensed separately from Newtek. I don’t see any specific gain from NDI|HX vs. H264 unless you want the NDI management.

It’s just because NDI can send fill and key to a remote location. The problem can be bandwidth.

I think NDI|HX doesn’t support separate fill+key, it’s basically just rebranded H264 (that’s likely the reason for the licensing fees). I seem to remember CCG supporting sending fill+key as two video tracks in the same stream from ffmpeg… I’ll have a look when I have time.

That can be a solution of sending at least graphics with low bandwidth. Thanks.