How to record video input from decklink or screen consumer?

Hi guys, I hope you are well. I have a question, how could I record and save a video of a consumer input as a decklink or screen with casparcg using casparcg connection.
I am using nodejs.

It is like this

//use  "casparcg-connection": "^5.1.0",
const { CasparCG, Options, AMCP } = require('casparcg-connection');
var myCaspar = new CasparCG("", 5250)
myCaspar.queueMode = Options.QueueMode.SEQUENTIAL;

const sendCommand = str => { AMCP.CustomCommand(str)).then((casparResponse) => {

    }).catch((casparError) => console.log('Error:', casparError.response.raw));

sendCommand('play 1-1 decklink 1');
sendCommand('add 1 file xyz.mp4');

setTimeout(() => {
    sendCommand('remove 1 file xyz.mp4');
}, 10000);

Full sample project project

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Thanks u vimlesh :ok_hand:

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