How to "label" on consumer screen

I use “MIXER 1 GRID 2” command to split the channel into 4 screen.
two is for USB camera input and one for preview and one for live output.

I would like to know how to “label” like “CAM1”, “CAM2”, “LIVE” on the consumer screen?

BTW, I don’t have declink card or something like that… thanks .

Easiest way: Create an transparent Graphic with the desired text on the positions where it should be. Add the graphic as an new layer and you´re done :slight_smile:

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thanks, let me try

Hi, I have tried and the “CAM1” text appeared on the screen, but when I do the broadcast to youtube via “ADD 1 STREAM …” command ,the text ‘CAM1’ also appeared

Is that I made something wrong?

I guess you have to work with seperate channels… like stream is channel 1 and your preview is channel 2

Thanks for your info.
I’m new to this business. So let’s do the planning first (sorry about that)

So I need to setup few channels (eg: Channel 1 is preview, Channel 2 is LIVE, Channel 3~10 for USB Camera, facebook/youtube channel monitor, a html clock…etc)

So first thing I need , is to setup few “Channels”, that is, I need to setup few “Consumer Screen”, is that correct?

Thank you very much.

A channel can have multiple consumers (
If you have an overlay over a channel it will show on all consumers of that channel.

Hi, it looks like you are mixing channels with layers. Channel can contain multiple layers. But the channels are what you are outputing or streaming. You play your sources in a specified layer of a specified channel.

No, you don’t setup new channel by starting a new consumer screen. You need to edit config file, and create proper channel there. To create it you can just copy the channel you already have and put it just under it. After you start CasparCG with this config, you can work with channel you want by specifiing it in command. With e.g. “PLAY X-Y source”, the X represents channel number

Sorry if it is hard to understand in my words, but you can always read the official CasparCG wiki:

I can also try to explain the difference between “channel” and “layer”. Do you know a software like Photoshop? It can have a lot of layers inside a single Photoshop file. The layers stack above each other and there were they are transparent, one can see the layers underneath it. So think of a “layer” a layer in Photoshop and “channel” is the whole Photshop file. Same as you can open up multiple Photoshop files in individual windows you can open multiple channels in Caspar.