How to install and start CasparCG Server on Ubuntu 20.04 server?

I want to run CasparCG on my Ubuntu server, but I constantly run into various problems (if CasparCG manages to run, then it issues “Aborted (core dumped)” without an error or send a message about a problem with X11 display. Help please

Could you provide more details? Did you follow all these instructions?

server/ at master · CasparCG/server · GitHub

As stated in other posts on this forum from Julusian the server needs an X11 Display to get OpenGL information. Others have simulated this with sudo apt install xorg blackbox. I havent been able to make this work and am worried it will take unnecessary processing power to run this. Then I also fear it could be an issue if you are connected to the server via SSH when starting it. Then X11Forwarding and a bunch of other issues gets introduced.

From a post by Dimitry: CasparCG Server 2.1.12 NRK for Ubuntu 20.04 and 18.04 - General - CasparCG Community Forum (

  • For Ubuntu 20.04:
    sudo apt install libtbb2 libglew2.1 libsfml-graphics2.5 libsfml-network2.5 libsfml-system2.5 libsfml-window2.5 libfreetype6 ffmpeg libfreeimage3 libopenal1

I have not tried the above method as of now. I will try it this evening. Have you gotten any closer since last posting?

Hello again,

I actually got it kinda working last night. I connected via SSH -Y and with X11Forwarding activated and with xorg and blackbox i got $DISPLAY to being set to localhost:10.0. $XAUTHORITY also needs to be set. ~/HOME/.Xauthority most of the times.

CasparCG server still was unhappy since it X11 was not authenticated, even though I connected with SSH with -Y as the flag. I think the server thinks the SSH session is the OpenGL source. All i got on my decklink card was white output.

My thoughts now is running some sort of X11 software on the server directly. Like xfce4 to emulate it having a screen connected. The $DISPLAY variable needs to be set to direct the caspar server to look for opengl information somewhere. Still haven’t gotten this to work but will keep you informed. Hope it helps somewhat.

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