How to "cut" and display part of the external website

Hello, I want to display a certain div of an external website as a graphic element. For example, there is a website that shows live driver placement of a car race, instead of scraping data and creating complex dynamic score board I could just use existing one on that website.

How can I achieve that?

You could try NDI scan converter and define a region of interest, as long as this div fits into the screen at once (without scrolling). Then you can play the NDI source in Caspar.

But the result is far away of a broadcast graphic, it’s a quick and dirty way to do it. Very ugly… :slight_smile:

Can you load the web page in CasparCG but then use the MIXER CLIP functions to crop it to an area of interest?

For me its a bit unclear if you want to show the data of the div (as a overlay graphics) or the output of the div (as a picture in picture).
As the answers above says if it a PiP then you can for example do a NDI-screencapture, bring it in as a layer and in the official client add “Crop” from the Mixer-section to that layer.
If you want to create a graphic for the data of the div the you have to do some HTML-coding as in create a new graphics template.
There is a third option that I havent tried but should work and that would be to use “Scoreboard OCR” (a paid appplication) to grab the div and convert it to data

br markus

That should work, as long as the webpage with that div does not need to be scrolled.

Another option could be to use Excel and my AddIn to get to the data.