How to build client-next on ubuntu?

I’m confused on how to get client-next working on ubuntu. The github readme says “Unpack the tar file and run the” but i see no tar file from the github repository. Instead, the only path to getting a file seems to be to build it from one of the various build scripts in client-next/build-scripts. However, the that i built by editing the qt path in /client-next/build-scripts/ & running it & gives me the following when i try to run it.

~/client-next/deploy/linux$ ./
./ 7: ./ ./bin/shell: not found

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you for your consideration

I haven’t really tried building client yet, but you can download prebuilt version from

bingo, Bohoaush!
i may have had to remove the space in CasparCG Client_balah_blah_blah from the extracted tar.gz file
but then it opened right up by running
Many, many thanks to you
Live long & prosper

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