How do you deal with multi framerate?

Hi everyone, I’m curious to know how do you deal with video sources with multi framerate, do you manually do the convertion to the desired output or do you use something integrated with caspar?

I’ll appreciate your opinion/knowge in this matter

You are talking about handling different frame rates, right?

As Caspar is targeting a broadcast workflow, it is not good at handling different frame rates. What works is playing 50fps video on a 25fps channel and vice versa. What does not work well is playing 25/50 content in a 30/60 context or vice versa. These sources should be converted “by hand”.

As in broadcasting the whole station is normally working in the same frame rate handling “foreign” formats is normally done by a special workflow or even a special department (in case of big organisations).

Thanks for your answer, yes I I’m talking about different frame rates, I mean what are most people using maybe something like: FFAStrans or adobe media encoder, I’d like to know the workflow from other users.

FFAStrans seems to be very powerfull it relies on FFMpeg and its free

Manual conversion usually. I’ve done both an ingest station with NLE manned by volunteers and ffmpeg cli commands ran by me. (The former was definitely a lot less stressful :D)

I’m currently working on a simple drag and drop tool that will transcode files using FFMPEG. Kind of like ffastrans but more dumbed down so it’s just a simple install and load preset. This will be targeted at smaller operations.


I simply use Adobe MediaEncoder with Watchfolder for this. But in 95% the files are already in the correct frame rate

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