How do I dynamically play .png sequences or .mov videos in a flash template?

So I am using the UILoader class and dynamically sending in .png images into my flash template by overriding the SetData function in its .as class. With static images everything is fine.

Now, I have a number of pre-defined country flag .png sequences (which are also made into .movs) which I want to pass into the flash template based on which county’s flag is needed at that time.

Is there any way to achieve this? Or am I thinking about this wrongly? Thanks in advance.

How many do you have? If it is not a big number I would import them into a MovieClip each and use AS3 to load and play the one needed.

Unfortunately there are quite a few, so I’m afraid this approach wouldn’t be feasible in this situation.

Also, because it will be kind of like a country versus country template, I need one country’s flag on the left, and one on the right, so immediately that would’ve meant double the work.

What I had in mind was to have a placeholder for each country, much like UILoader for images, but in this case for a sequence or mov file, and pass the correct flags as variables.

I never tried that. I think you should be able to load Flash video files into the UILoader but don’t know if there is still something that can convert PNG sequences to Flash video. You know: Flash is EOL from the 12th of January 2021…

Hmm, looks like I’ll just have to place just the correct countries each time and create the .fts like that. Then based on which one I want, I’ll simply call that specific .ft. Oh well, not the best solution, but a solution nevertheless. Thanks for the replies anyways!