How can I setup a Pillar Box Conversion(SD 4:3) in a HD 1080p CasparCG Server configuration?



Hi to All,
Can anyone share with me how I can mix SD and HD files, keeping their original aspect ratio (SD 4:3 - Pillar Box and HD 16:9) in same CasparCG Client rundown?



To the title of your post: In the configuration it is not possible.

In a rundown in CasparCG client you can use the “Transform” command and apply it to the same layer, as the 4:3 videos are playing. Use another layer to play the 16:9 videos.


Hi didikunz,
Thank you for for the correction and the solution.



Hi didikunz,
I setup a Group in CasparCG Client with auto play checked, I placed the 4:3 files with the Mixer Transform on the same layer and the 16:9 files on a 2nd layer, when played, both the first 4:3 and the 16:9 files start playing at the same time. What am I doing wrong?



I never figured out, how autoplay works :smiley: Probably you should put everything into one group, ordered the way you need it. Put the transform outside of the group, you only need it, when you restart Caspar server, as the layer stays scaled.


Hi didikunz,
I did that, same result with 2.0.7 server. In 2.2. server, the rundown stops after the first 4:3 file plays.
I cannot always play all 4:3 files in the rundown.



Aha, it only works, when they are all on the same layer. What about converting the 4:3 videos to pillar box beforehand?


Hi didikunz,
I will take that as a work around, as the the SD 4:3 consist of hundred of hours of footage.
Thanks for your recommendations.



There are other clients around, that probably allow this. Use the forum search function.


HI didikunz,
I have been also using Caspar Media Playback Client. I think we will make that our default Client.
As always thank you for your advice and support.