How can I insert the current temperature on the screen?

Does anyone know how I can do this if a client exists or passes me some code? example how CNN has it

have a look here
in the templates folder there is an example.
make sure to read the notes as to version of CasparCG

Thanks for your answer Jyeimans, What I need is something like this, look at the temperature on the side of the clock

well you have a few options.
Do you want the tempture to be live data?
will you be polling some data source for it?
or are you OK just manually typing it in?

if you have some web experience it would supper simple to do in an HTML template.
do you need some one to code it for you or are you looking to do this yourself?

i only ask so that i can point you in the correct direction.
there are a lot of APIs that can provide you with the temperature data. all you need to do is make a simple web page to do it.
then place the web page in you CasparCG template folder.

if you are looking for a pre-made i don’t know there may be one in the simple play out client by vimlesh1975

I have experience in web design, but nothing of programming, I have used caspar cg. A few months ago I managed to make clock, logo, lower thirds, but I still can not understand how to use HTML templates or how to make them. … The templates I use are in PSD.
I would appreciate it if you could help me a bit like making an HTML template and that the temperature change by itself according to an API, as you say.