How can i change font family name in crawler.scene server2.1?

I want change the crawler.scene font in server 2.1 template folder, because i want use Chinese font, but it won’t display in output screen, Thank you very much!
By the way, how to create the crawler.scene file? which tools can I?

There was an issue with the rendering of Chinese fonts in scene / Photoshop producer. I am not sure, if that has been solved yet.

You can edit the .scene files in any editor, like Notepad++. There is no tool for that. You can also use Photoshop to do simple templates (not crawls). The Photoshop producer does render in the scene producer, but you will not see the XML.

Thank you very much, Sir. Then i render the crawl image and use Image Scroller to do it.
I find .scene file is easy to use like html, but many key words and functions I don’t know, is there any public file to guide?
Thanks again.

I have the same problem. You need to go through the issues at GitHub, to find some information, but it’s a bit like digging in the dirt.

Thank you very much, Sir.
Have a nice day!

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