High usage while using Decklink inputs

Hello guys,

I wanted to try latest 2.4.0 version.

After doing some tests, and comparing with functions in 2.0.7 version, I saw that 2.4.0 has bigger CPU usage than 2.0.7

This shows usage when 2.0.7 is active

And this shows usage when 2.4.0 is active

In both versions, I had this:

  • 2 x Screen Consumer 1080i5000
  • 6 x Channel 1080i5000
  • 2 x NDI OUT
  • 3 x Decklink input
  • 2 x Decklink output

Without Decklink inputs, CPU usage can go bellow 10%, so it takes ~10% per Decklink input. There is no any conversion enabled on Decklink Duo card.

Do you know what can increase usage this much, even with newest driver?
If I additionally play some files, add CG templates, out stream and record 2 libx264 files, in 2.0.7, usage is bellow 60%. In 2.4.0, it goes 80-100%.
First time when I tried 2.1, later 2.2 I remember it was more optimized than 2.0.7 and had much lower usage.

I am not sure if I’m doing something wrong. Is there any reason for something like this?

Thank you very much.

Are you sure, that you don’t use an unoptimized development build?

In 2.2 CasparCG switched to operating the mixer in 50p instead of at 50i (or 25p if input was being deinterlaced).

This change (potentially with the forced deinterlacing which is now always done) will be this difference.
It is possible to disable deinterlacing on clip playback (I am not sure about decklink), which can help a bit if you know you wont be transforming/scaling the clips in any way

I downloaded few versions and all of them have Dev x64.

Is there stable 2.4.0 build?

Thank you, this will be helpful when I get to video playback part. I do have transforming/scaling, but only in special situations.

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