HEVC Streaming and Casparcg to Casparcg Video Protocol

Hi Folks,
please someone guide how to Stream using HEVC Codec
i’m able to stream with this command

ADD 1 STREAM udp:// -codec:v libx265 -format:v mpegts

but video is skipping and lagging or like playing at x2 speed

PLAY 2-1 udp://

i tried to play it both on casparcg and vlc but the result is same even on another machine.

Server: Server 2.2 Beta
Machine: Workstation Z820

Second, I want to know is there any native protocol or method for transferring video(Casparcg Channel) between multiple casparcg server on network? without using any streaming?


please someone confirm that hevc streaming with server 2.2 working fine ??
or that clipping or skipping is server issue ?


Real time software encoding of HEVC is very resource intensive. You sure you aren’t just maxing the system?

yes, system resources is normal as it is on x264 encoding.
38% with x264

40% with x265

That small of a difference between 264 and 265 is very strange.

Try do NDI out of Caspar, and then with (the correct build of) FFMPEG take in that NDI stream and do your HEVC stream out of there

Don’t know, will you please try it ?

I’m trying with latest ffmpeg build but I’m getting newtek library error
Will you please provide ffmpeg (build with NDI Library) if you have one ?


sorry my bad with -preset ultrafast i’m able to stream smoothly on workstation z820
but as compared with x264 ( -preset medium )
x264 quality is much better than x265 ( -preset ultrafast )