[Help]Outputting different outputs in CasparCG with decklink duo 2

So as the title suggests. I would want to know the method of outputting different outputs with the decklink duo 2.
So essentially, we’ll be using it for video walls to act as one.
Decklink output 1 = Main LED
Decklink output 2 = Side LED
Decklink output 3 = Back LED
Decklink output 4 = Booth LED
All outputs will be video files. Played out through either Justmacros or CasparCG Client.

Just wanted to know what method could be done to achieve this with a single playout machine? Thanks in advance!

Do you have a pixelmap off the Screens ?
Do you want to map inside CCG ?

Here it is:

Ok looking @that
i see you have some bad luck with the chosen LED panels
and their stage position.

you can fit 15x4 complete panels into a HD signal
(waisting 56 lines of pixels in the lower part off the signal.)

your plot shows 210 panels
while 4 HD signals can only address 180panels. (15x4x4)

i don;t know your LED product but maybe you can have some luck with the yellows by
adressing them shifted with a extra proccessor and use some pixels off the obscured purple upstage panels.

it won’t be an easy peacy as you have to puzzle / map LEDpanels in a non logical place in the signal to use all the available panels to your benefit.

Thanks so much for the opinion and suggestions. Really appreciated.
We’ll certainly take note of everything.

If you may, I’d like to inquire more about the technical side of casparcg?
We actually have not yet figured out the process of outputting the said signals out into separate SDI’s via the decklink card.

How do we set casparcg for decklink 1 to output a specific video? and decklink 2 output another video file? same goes for 3 and 4?

Thanks again for the help!

That is easy, Configuring your Duo as having 4 outputs and you can send clips to these individual channels indipentantly using the channel parameter.
By the way: The resolutions you mention above, are they for the individual panel or for each of the whole screens? And you have a solution to split the SDI signals into tiles for the panels, right? So all you need is to play 4 individual videos, right?

as Didi mentioned, you can configure your decklink DUO2 as 4 independent outputs.
we normally merge our videowall files in the best possible way. with your screen sizes, you will need 3 channels.

prepare your single animations in the needed resolution, place them on the 3 needed 1920x1080 canvas and render them out. i assume, that all animations are in sync and have the same length. if not, you need more channels.now you distribute the 3 sdi signals to the controllers of the led screens, tell them where in the signal their content is. thats it.
actually its not a caspar thing, you could use 3 fullHD mediaplayers with DVI or HDMI out. the best would be with DMX control, so your Lighting operator has full control over the media files too, in your show its like an additional light effect.
i would recommend to have a closer look to a small DMX Mediacontroller
Its full DMX controlled, can also run standalone, very easy to operate, around 1’000$ per channel. Many bands are on tour with it.

Sorry I’m not answering the question, but I’m curious… Why don’t you use a VJ software like Resolume Arena 6?
It’s specifically designed to do exactly that with a big composition that spans across all the displays and outputs to each decklink output individually.
I think it’s more adequate for that kind of application and so much easy to modify the display layout after the footage has been rendered. Even you can add other effects and transformations to parts of the same video.


is nice but makes StageLeft the same as StageRight.

i know :slight_smile: but we normaly adapt the design for that reason and mirror these contents in the controller…
otherwise, you are right, -> more channels

i am interested in this thread.
I do this all the time.
i have never used CasparCG to cut up the image for LED wall mapping at this scale (i do do this for digital signage all the time). i have thought about it.
but the first problem i have is that i have never had a lot of luck playing back 4 different video files and had them stay in sync. at least more then 1-2 frames, some times dead on some times off. so doing a split between the panels i think would be ok no one will see one frame.
so i think i would try to lay this out on one a 4k out put over 4 seperate.

you might all so consider doing all the placement in after fx and pre render your content over moving it around in CasparCG


True. i tend to use “virtual BIG channels” and route them as layers on the output channels.
makes operating also less complex.