Help me use CasparCG as a decoder


Hello, everybody.
I would like to know if it is possible (or if someone has already done it) to use CasparCG to consume RTMP push streams and output these as different channels on one or two BlackMagic Design SDI cards.

What I am required to do is to receive 8 RTMP push streams from different sources and contribute them as 8 SDI channels.

Any alternatives or suggestions are also very welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you.


Yes, you can decode and play each stream on different Channel. But first you should test how much system resources CasparCG using with 8 Channels output.
It also depends on channel format that you are using


Thank you.

Now I have a more fundamental doubt (still noob).
@noumaan, how do I configure the RTMP push streams as inputs on CasparCG?


CasparCG can consume the streams but not act as an RTMP server. You will have to set up something like nginx or crtmp first, then point CasparCG to the rtmp server to retrieve the streams.



Just one last question on this: how do I point CasparCG to the server?


Using a custom command in the form of PLAY [Channel]-[Layer] streamurl

E.g. for channel 1, layer 10 pointed to a random server it would look something like: PLAY 1-10 rtmp://


I will test this setup and bring back my experiences.

Thank you all.