HELP ME ----- Performance Warning - Buffer Mapping Blocked

Someone has or had the similar problem of [2018-09-13 15: 55: 16.830] [6116] [warning] [buffer] Performance warning. Buffer mapping blocked: 0.069
Do you have any solution?

I will take a stable at this.
Best I can. I do not know why this happens.
I have only seen it in 2.1 versions.
It seams that 2.1 just is more verbose in reporting warnings. I have been told the older versions just dont report this issue.
The message seams to show up more with the newer nvidia driver. I get less of them when unrolled back a version or two.
I dont seam yo have any noticeable playback problems. I was alarmed the first time my screen started filling with this issue.
I dont know how to stop it.

It I think is tied to openGL Casper 2.1 wants openGL 4 somthing. And if I understand this does not request it. But uses the installed one. More then likely a newer one. I HAVE NOT RESEARCHED THIS THEORY.
I do not k ow how to uninstall or install openGL driver excypt with video card driver.
This is where my research has led me. I may be way off I dont know