Heart rate overlay

Hi guys,

I love CasparCG and we use mostly own HTML templates for lower thirds, countdown overlays and stuff like that.

Now we are working on bringing a live heart rate into CasparCG but we have no idea how to do it.
In OBS it’s pretty easy since we use window capture of Golden Cheetah and the live heart rate.
As far as I know window capturing is not possible in Caspar and therefore not an option.
What else can we do? My first thought was to get the heart rate into json format and read it into the html template via AJAX but I don’t know any software which is capable of writing health informations like that into a local JSON-File in real time.

What are your thoughts?

You could use ffmpeg to do the screencapture. You could also do the screen capture with NDI Scan converter from Newtek NDI tools.

Thanks! That sounds great! I’m afraid I don’t know anything about embedding about embedding one of those to my rundown in Caspar. Is there any resource you would recommend?

Why do you need Caspar for that? If it´s a simple screencapture do a PiP in your vision mixer?

It depends on the workflow. We use Blackmagic all the way to our LiveU endcoder. Graphics are generated by Caspar send via a Blackmagic Decklink Duo - and it does A LOT more than just being the device for displaying the heartbeat.
That said we use the ATEM Television Studio Pro 4k, which provides ONE Upstreamkey. So we would have to make a choise: PiP OR Chromakey for transparency. Both at the same time won’t happen with this mixer (yeah, I’ve heard of that macro voodoo using the DSK for PiP).
OR we can do it with Caspar and use one of two DownstreamKeys + all the other stuff we already do with Caspar.
So the latter option sounds pretty good to me, but we need to get it done within Caspar.

So I would use Caspar as a DSK with Key+Fill, so your Upstream Key is free for the PiP. If it won´t fit in your workflow at all then put the Heartbeat into Caspar via an additional MiniRecorder or other type BMD card, create a layer with that input and resize/transform it within Caspar.

According to Golden Cheetahs homepage it can export data as CSV or JSON.
Wouldnt (I know more work) the right workflow be to generate the graphics in CasparCG instead of doing a PiP?