HD and PAL output simultaniously

Hi all!

I’m using CasparCG as a playout system. Caspar has two consumers: one to a blackmagic that is attached to an encoder. That encoder only works with PAL and does not recognize HD. The other one is NDI that is picked up by OBS, which then sends it to a Wowza for the internet stream. Because the encoder only works with PAL, I’ve set the channel video-mode to PAL as well. Because of this, the internet stream is also PAL.

Is there a way to set the channel to HD and set the consumer output to PAL?

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It depends what type of Decklink cards you use, some of them have a hardware down conversion. You can see that in the BMD control panel applet.

Another possible solution is to use two separate output channels one in HD for NDI and the other in SD for the Decklink. Use the route producer to send the HD channel to the SD channel.


Thanks. I’m using a DeckLink SDI 4K. Looking at the black magic website, it supports the down conversion, so I guess I’ll try that first. Also, the route producer looks good, but I would think that the first solution would perform better, since it is hardware based.


I ended up using the route producer, since I couldn’t get the decklink route producer to work. For future reference, this is the command I used:

PLAY 2 route://1