Has anyone tried creating templates in RIVE?

Hello Caspar Friends!
Just wondered, has anyone been using Rive to create templates?

If so, how did you get on?

I do almost all templates using AfterEffects and export them using BodyMovin. I wrote my own tool to generate templates out of it. It is called BluePrint. For me the big plus with this workflow is, that one must not need anything new, because After Effects is the tool most motion graphics designer already work with anyway.

So no: I did not see any use for that. - Only my personal opinion.

Hello, havent played with Rive, just seen some great looking clips of it.
Could be as simple as putting the lottie from Rive into a html template, but maybe not.
Would be curious to see the state machine working in a Caspar Template, maybe you should give it a try.
For me its the same as Didi says… After Effects is the tool for most of the design people and combined with expressions really powerfull.

Fun fact: Hernan Torrisi, the author of Bodymovin Plugin works for Rive since last october.

Very interesting about Hernan Torrisi.
A couple of the team here are interested… will see where it leads and report back if anything worthwhile.