Hardware question : which Graphics card should I choose?

I am about to updating my Casparcg server hardware, but I’m stucked in the graphics card selection. I want to know if it’s necessary to choose the professional card like Nvidia P4000 and RTX4000. what the differences between the game card and the professional card while they working in Casparcg server. Right now my budget can afford the GTX2080s or P4000. Which one is better for Casparcg performance? I also find that the Nvidia has a studio driver for the game card. Would this driver help improving the Casparcg performance? these questiions has made my crazy. thanks guys.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d recommend you to check this post.

Thanks. I’ve read it. But I think things might be different now since all the game card support Hardware accelerated encode and decode. I have a M4000 and a 1070ti and actually I think 1070ti are more efficient and can encode more channel. Normally I use CasparCG to encode 2 or 3 channel with decklink duo2. One channel for the downstream key up to 10 layers (like logo, lower third , all use HTML template, not flash template ) with external key. and the other for media play up to 3 layers. My 1070ti always have a 90%+ usage with these output and sometimes cause some jerk. I don’t know witch to choose between 2080s and P4000. Do you have the same tasks in CasparCG? Which card do you use and how about the performance?

Memory bus and bandwidth is a big bottleneck with lower-end Geforce cards. But that’s not the case with your current cards. Usually Geforce GPUs have much more performance for the price but as @noquierouser said in that post, they are limited to 2 concurrent NVENC sessions. If you are fine with that, go with the Geforce.

If you are not tied to a single machine, use two. I’ve found two mid-tier machines work much better than a single top-tier one. Also, as @didikunz adviced me before, if you don’t need channel/layer routing, you can split the channels in a couple of server instances. That helped me a lot when using a single machine for playout and CG channels.

Have you looked at Caspar’s DIAG window when the jerkiness happen? What about GPU details in task manager or GPU-Z sensors? Do you know where is the actual strain in your case?

Thanks. I will use the old machine to play the media. I didn’t use the DIAG before . With the Windows task manager , the cpu usage always be about 30%, the gpu usage will be about 90% after output 2channels like I said before. Once it get 90%, The output sometimes began to jerk. Lower than 90%, it works pretty well. I think I may choose the GTX2080s since it’s price friendly . It has the same core chip of RTX4000 but is cheaper.

Did you narrowed it down to a specific aspect of the GPU? In GPU-Z is a bit more detailed.

And may be it’s template’s problem. Lot’s of my templates have the css background gradient animation. With that animation. It costs 10% to output a logo template.

I will try it later today and then upload the screenshot. Thank you so much.

I’m not particularly clear about your requirements, but probably a Quadro P4000 might be overkill for that. In the other hand a Quadro P2000 would be more than enough for what you need.

A Quadro M4000 is definitely not suited for the demand that you’re exerting over it, and a GTX 1070Ti might fit the job, but would collapse after using 2 NVENC sessions which can happen quite quickly.

In my own personal experience, the Quadro P2000 can perform extremely well on quite demanding scenarios, like running 3 channels with routing, NDI inputs and outputs, 2 OBS streaming sessions using NVENC and editing/exporting with DaVinci Resolve, all at the same time in the same machine.

By the way, use the Studio Drivers for your card and set the card GPU Usage Mode as Graphic and compute needs, or else you’ll get errors regarding “the card being already in use by an application”.

Thanks! I may focus on the specification too much. I always think the rtx4000’s game performance just like the 2060s but the price is more than a rtx2080s’. I will record a video later and explain my requirements. Hope you can help me later.

if I choose rtx 4000 , will It provide more performance to add more layer than p4000? I’d like to have more space for the more complex show in the future.

That is not dependent on the GPU alone, as you probably want to show anything on these layers. So it involves also the CPU. The whole system needs to perform well to make it work in the end.

I think you are still too focussed on specs and theory. In praxis you seldom have more than 2 or 3 layers. Probably 5 or 6 in a very complex case, but mostly 1 or 2.

This is always an important issue, in the end. CPU is a core part of overall performance.

I’ll be happy to know about your requirements, so I can be of better help. It seems you have something big in mind, and our experience might be of help.

My new CPU will be intel i9 9940x . I think it may be enough

I am trying to express more accurately since my English is poor. It may take some time to make the requirement present video. Thanks a lot

Sorry for taking so long, I have made a video to explain my requirements. my requirements video hope you can give more advice, thanks a lot.

Nice video. I would first try to investigate why that single template you were talking about draws that much CPU. And you said not much about GPU performance, so I think the problem is with the CPU instead. Have you considered buying a stronger CPU like a Xeon instead?

Nice video and presentation
If I understand right , when you play video with alpha channel (red and blue) the cpu increases 100%
I have a similar problem with video with alpha channel that was rendering with png sequence encoding , when I render video with quick time animation encode CPU usage drop 15% . You can give a try

I forgot to mention you make nice work with html templates, maybe you can share some secrets especially with crawl that was very smooth

when ever play the video with alpha channel, the cpu usage will increase to 90% . the new computer’s cpu will be i9 9940x or 9960x with at least 14core. I think it may resolve this problem. the Xeon series cpu is too expensive to afford. The gpu right now doesn’t hit the highest usage. just want update a new GPU with more peformance to do more shows like newscast. the old computer will use CasparCG as a media player associate with the new computer as CG server. just don’t now which GPU to choose. the rtx4000 or 2080S? wich would you choose?

Right now i use ProRes444 with alpha channel. I’ve tried the quicktime animation encode, but the opacity gradient did’t work well. it was like play an 8bit video on a 10bit screen.

As the crawler you said, I just use a js searched on the internet , I uploaded it to google drive , you can download it here if you like, I’ve change the comments of the js file into English.