GTX vs RTX vs Quadro (Again)

Hello everyone, this is my first topic here on an issue that still leaves me with doubts. (Even more now with the release of the new generation of video cards)

So. I always see many people commenting here that the best alternative to using Caspar is a GeForce Quadro. I assumed this to be true, but once a friend asked me about it, and I also contradicted myself. :expressionless: I would like to be the source of benchmarks, but a Quadro here in Brazil is not cheap.

My request or question is. :joy: Who has worked with several models of graphics cards for Caspar (GTX, RTX or Quadro), what was the best configuration used? Or rather, someone who migrated to a board, was there a real gain?

Last question: RTX 2080 or Quadro P4000?

Apologies for the translated text.

I have Quadro’s in systems that run for hundreds of days at a time. I have GTX in several of my occasional use systems (just a few days at a time). All these systems are running old and cheap GPUs. Heck I even use CPU only for some systems. Just use the cheapest that works for you. Quadro P4000 and RTX2080 are probably overkill (though I don’t know what you need to use the system for).

I wrote a rather lengthy analysis some time ago about working with GTX and Quadro cards. In the end it always depends on the workload the broadcasting PC will finally have.

Our broadcasting machine, using a Quadro P2000, can broadcast 2 CasparCG channels, stream through OBS and edit footage in DaVinci Resolve at the same time, without a significant hit on performance.