Good, stable and future proof hardware suggestions

Hi everyone,

I am looking into making a PC for running CasparCG in connection with our LED wall used for fairs, broadcasts etc.

I am new to CasparCG and am still struggling to navigate through commands etc. But I am slowly beginning to be able to get the results I want. The goal is to use the software for running our LED wall in connection with fairs, company broadcasts etc. At the fairs I want the wall to show several videos at the same time and be animated in and out. The videos are controlled by iPads around the booth and called by a local website. The wall will run in approximately 4K in the width and a little less than 4K in the height.

At times, I want to run a PowerPoint presentation, Kahoot or similar on an area of the screen. We would therefore need to be able to input a video signal to the computer.

The real question is. What is the appropriate hardware to use for such a setup? I want the setup to be powerful enough to run at least 4-5 videos at the same time, along with a live video. Most of the time live video will replace one of the other videos.

I have looked a bit in the FAQ for minimum requirements but would like a setup that is also good and future proof. What would your suggestions be for such a computer?

Graphic card wise? Motherboard wise? Blackmagic wise?

Thank you very much in advance!

I have gotten solid performance from this machine.

Xeon -E-2186@ 3,8GHz
32Gb Ram
RTX 4000
Blackmagic Decklink Quad 2 or Decklink duo 2 mini
Dual PSU

The form size was chosen because it had to fit in an OB-truck, and I could fit two in place of one Chyron Hego system.

Another installation with that type of machine runs five LED screens in a studio setup, so at maximum performance, it had five outputs and two inputs at the same time.

It’s not the cheapest solution, but in all my cases, it replaced a much more expensive system(software/hardware locked).

I have only used Quad 2 or Duo video cards, but they have been flawless across different machines.


Just a side note: Use these pizza boxes (1RU machines) only in an environment, where the machine is placed in a separate machine room. They make a awe full lot of noise. If you need a machine to be used beside your working place try a 4RU unit like this or a 2RU like this. The bigger the case the bigger the fans. Bigger fans usually turn slower and make less noise.

I use the 4RU GH unit for my streaming and broadcast productions myself. Most of the time the case with the machine is placed beside my seat and noise was never a problem.

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